Someone asked me "What is your religion?" I said, "All paths that lead to the light" -Anon

Susan Grau, CADC II is an internationally recognized Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist specializing in Past Life Regressions and inspirational speaker  based in Southern California.  She is on the Board of Directors of is a non-profit organization for suicide and traumatic loss through addiction.  Susan is also the selected and honored Medium for Gwyneth Paltrow's "IN GOOP HEALTH" summits.

She has been  communicating with spirit from age four after a near death experience . Susan owns her business in Tustin, Ca called, In The Light Services.   She speaks at consortiums, writers conventions, and is a sought after lecturer at many other healing events including the Orange County INADS. She speaks to groups regarding her connection to the other side, near death experience, and the personal struggle with the death by suicide of three beloved family members. She is an author of several soon to be published books regarding the afterlife, growing up an empath, connecting to spirits and details of her NDE.  Susan is a life coach , and a highly skilled teacher for children and adults in the metaphysical arts.  She has been featured in the Hollywood Reporter, at GOOP Wellness Summit, OA magazine, Spirit Anchor, Empire radio station in New York and Principal Broadcasting radio station.  She has also been interviewed and featured on Mary Giuliani live in Orange County, Ca and Interviewed by LA based National TV Host Morgan Lynzi on "Well Damn".   Susan works with her abilities to bring healing to those seeking insight. Susan's ratings show her as one of the top rated mediums and healers in Orange County.