Someone asked me "What is your religion?" I said, "All paths that lead to the light" -Anon

Medium Susan Grau

Coordinator- Alyssa

Christina Anstead and I

Christina Anstead and I

Me @ingoophealth LA

Jessica Alba and I @goopLA

Busy Phillips & I @goopLA

Olivia Wilde & I @goopLA

Frederic de Silva - The Mentalist, Paranormal Reader

InGoopHealth Vancouver 2018

Gwyneth Paltrow and I at In Goop HealthLA 2018

My Goop station at In Goop HealthLA 2018


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Master Evidential Mediums

James Van Praagh, Paul Jacobs, and Susan 

Master Evidential Mediums 

James Van Praagh and Susan

On stage with Melinda Vail and myself for a night of mediumship 

Master Evidential Mediums

Lynn Probert and Susan

Medium Tony Stockwell and I

Medium Fleur and I

Tony Stockwell Psychic Detective Training

Lisa Williams Advanced Mediumship Certification

International Medium Lisa Williams and I

Women of Healing Hearts: (From Left) Marianne, Melinda, Jill and Myself

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SOAR Valley Center 2018 Women's Retreat