Someone asked me "What is your religion?" I said, "All paths that lead to the light" -Anon





Acceptance, Believe, Change

Accept that things are the way they are, no matter how much you wish it were different.

Maintaining a belief that we can survive any situation no matter how painful.

Be willing to change whatever is necessary to be happy and filled with peace.

As we approach the holidays, it might feel strange to have people we love missing from our celebrations. Celebrate. I want you all to remember that your loved ones are with you during these times. The physical relationship with them has changed, but if you believe that they are there with you, the present will change for you. There may be a moment that reminds you of a specific memory and the love shared; enjoy the moment and let it resonate inside of you. The memories can be: beautiful, difficult, and priceless all at once.  While sharing this holiday season with family and friends, acknowledge your loved ones and that they have transitioned, but are still very much a part of your journey. They have not forgotten you.  They love you.  Losing a loved one is a huge change. These changes vary from loss in leaving this planet to distance, or breakups.  Losses are painful on all levels.  If you need to cry, go ahead and cry. If you need to laugh, let it out.  Remember the love.  Nurture yourself and open your heart to the present, the now. Embrace the moments with all who love you.  There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go of. 



FEELINGS. Can we control them, or are they involuntary? Controlling them is impossible, but choosing on how we allow them to impact our daily lives, IS a choice. Feelings are an emotional reaction to an intrinsic or extrinsic factor.

. However, what we feel about a particular person, place, thing or situation, does not need to dictate our actions or reactions.  How we decide to handle these feelings displays our overall emotional intelligence.  Feelings are important in that they are our first line of defense. They are directly related to our reaction to something that produces: joy, pleasure, or pain.  Love is a perfect example. Love invokes a spectrum of feelings, which feeling we focus on is a choice.  We choose to love.  Hate works the same way.  When dealing with loss, we experience feelings of grief, regret, relief, etc. Understanding that because we think or feel a certain way doesn’t make it real. This is an important aspect of reacting to what we feel to keep in mind.  Your goal is to feel without a negative reaction.  At times, you will want to fix a situation or someone especially when we feel badly for them. Beware of what you do with what you feel.  Reactionary responses to a circumstance or situation can easily become a mistake.  Pay attention to what you feel and feel what you must, but be cautious about what you do with these feelings.  Feelings are very powerful; they can control our choices if we are not careful.  Love yourself enough to think before reacting. Give yourself time to decide what “action” not "reaction" you may need to take, if any.  Remember, you can feel badly but still do what is right. Pause. Decide. Act.




He who has the bravery to come and live in the human condition has the potential to become broken during their journey. This isn’t a life sentence.  We are spiritual beings, and at times we forget how to live in our souls where our deepest knowing resides.  If we can understand the importance of getting out of our heads and drop into our knowing where truth is pure, healing can begin. When we heal from truth, we help the world be a gentler, safer space. Mediumship and Intuitive work creates an opening that offers a bridge to help others understand that they too, are guided and never alone even at their deepest level of confusion or grief. It is in this level of knowing, where their loss and confusion is understood, and where we are only separated by a vibrational frequency. This is a space where we can understand that our journey is not a singular moment of knowing, but many.  When we choose to live in the human condition, we are given the opportunity to provide healing both to ourselves, and others. There is such a comforting feeling knowing we’re loved and guided from Spirit and those we’ve chosen to keep in our lives. Whether it’s here, or in some other vibrational space we can learn to love and heal.



JULY 2019

To know truth, I invite you to listen to your soul not your thinking.  This space is where the truth lies.  When I’m suffering or desiring something so badly that my thinking becomes distorted, I perceive things in a very unhealthy way.  I believe that our Spiritual source possesses a clearer answer to our questions; the answers are clearer than our distorted thoughts. This truth separates us from our spiritual knowing, and this begins a conflict within ourselves.  Remember that our spiritual source is the space OUTSIDE of our thinking that speaks to us. At the core truth of situations or needs is our true motive, our spiritual guide. Disassociate and let go of feelings of fear, then you have the ability to stop creating thought processes of "I need to have this or that”. You will become clearer and see the underlying truth beneath your thoughts.  More often than not you will find that what you thought you needed, is not the truth. All wants that you didn’t receive, may represent a place of safety you weren’t aware you needed.  I invite you to seek the truth behind your needs.  Make this a part of your spiritual journey, instead of trying to be filled with the "things" that are not your truth.


JUNE 2019

Let go. Allow. Accept.  Do you feel the need to find an answer that continuously plagues your heart, or interrupts your thoughts? To remedy this situation, please know that you can share your feelings about the situation, however be careful to not to force solutions.  Forcing solutions that are against what Spirit has set for you, will never bring the outcome that is in your best interest. Forced solutions are temporary solutions. Simply learning to just LET GO and ALLOW for a natural outcome to occur will instantly bring peace to any situation, plague, or thought.  Letting go isn’t about giving up, it is about allowing. Spirit is always for your greater good, your highest potential. We will be more and learn more than any forced solution can offer your situation.  To truly let go, it does involve one truth component, acceptance.  Be willing and able to accept that things are what they are meant to be.  Through this you can "allow" the outcome to be in Spirits hands, and find a sense of peace.  It will be difficult to realize our lack of acceptance is your forced solution process.  You do not always need to be in control for life to happen in your favor. Turn it over to Spirit and see what outcome they are offering you!


May 2019

Find your soul space and set the intention.  We inherently go to a negative headspace when we are afraid, overwhelmed or longing for something we can’t quite pinpoint. Our brain takes over, controls our thoughts and we no longer listen to ourselves on a soul level.  When we want something so bad that we are willing to give up on ourselves for it, take a step back and notice that something is wrong.  You are listening and heightened to your thinking and thoughts, instead of your soul.  Spirit speaks to you through your soul not your head.  We cannot allow information to come to us through distorted thinking.  Set the intention to drop into your soul space and ask what it is that you truly need or asking for.  Taking time to know the right questions to ask and manifest them for your journey.  The soul will speak to you, and is your strongest ally. Other times you may have to surrender to the fact that what you want, may not be given to you because it may not be good for you.  At times, we don't want to surrender to that truth but ultimately no matter what, it will be spirits way.  Spirits way will be the right way. Remember that they want the best for you, they know what this needs to look like. Set the intention to trust. Relax and find that space where spirit dwells, in your soul.  If we do not drop into a soul space, our head takes over and our peace is gone.  A reminder that we are not in contact with spirit through our thinking, it is through our soul that the true message AND answer lies.  Your soul is your greatest gift, listen to it and use it’s wisdom wisely.  

April 2019

The best time to shed old skin and habits is in the Spring!  There is no better time to take flight then this moment, when everything comes alive to it's fullest potential.  When you feel overwhelmed with what is ahead, I want to suggest that this a growth test which you CAN pass. Try to remember that if you just "pause" before you "do", you may find that you will take a new approach or react differently. Be a constant reminder that you can handle anything this life throws at you and you will come out bigger, better, wiser.  Set short-term attainable goals that you truly want for yourself, and check-in daily to see what you've done to achieve the goals.  Love yourself enough to try the uncomfortable, and step outside of your comfort zone. Fight for yourself, be strong for yourself ,be yourself , build yourself.  Love yourself fiercely.  Do not be afraid to shed old skin, be afraid that you let stop your growth. What is the purpose of our journey if we stop growing and learning? Let things serve their purpose for the time required, when they no longer serve you, shed them. 

March 2019

“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.”

-Antoine de Saint-Exuper

To venture down the unchartered path can be uncertain and scary, so do you do it? Of course, just use caution. Someone spoke these wise words to me and it reminded me to not allow my projection of the future to paralyze my actions in the present. Focusing on the moment and not trying to foresee situations play a big factor on our decisions to venture. Whenever we project an outcome that isn't here and hasn't happened yet, we are not in the moment and inhibiting the moments full potential.  Normally when I am projecting, I am in FEAR.  Fear is a powerful emotion that is based in panic not fact.  Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  What does this mean? Our perception is how we think, not the reality. Take a moment to ask yourself if you are living in the present.  By allowing the moments to be what they are, you can appreciate that life is in session. Make a conscious effort to be present.  Trying to know the outcome of something is just a way of controlling what you fear. You are missing out on your journey and it's lessons this way!  Life is all about the moments because the journey is in the moments, big and small.  Allow your path to be paved for you moment by moment, doing the footwork for tomorrow but always staying in this day.  What you might be trying to avoid, remember that it isn't going anywhere so face it.  Don't allow your fear to control you. Life is in session, are you present? 


"Spirit Can see around corners ,we cannot". Anon

Today in my life I know that sorrow is looking back, and worry is looking around.  If I can just stay in this day and not be fearful of what’s coming or what has passed, I tend to be in a more peaceful state.  I also know that I’m responsible for the effort, and not the outcome. If I remember that I cannot see around the corners I can only see what’s in front of me, it helps me to trust the process. Most of us learn in our lives that the process isn’t right, or the outcome should be controlled. We bang our heads against the wall trying to figure out what it should look like and how it should be done. Today, I try very hard to accept things are exactly as they are.  I have to admit, it doesn’t always work for me and may not always work for you. It’s important for us to remember that we will never be perfect, nor our thinking, actions and deeds. We need to have compassion for ourselves when we don’t do things perfectly. I hear myself saying “well, I can’t be perfect”, yet I expect perfection.  It’ll never happen not in this lifetime.  Most of us want so badly to be good people and do the right thing to be at peace, but I challenge you to look at the fact that if everything were perfect you wouldn’t need to be here. All of our lessons are based on our imperfections and our mistakes. That’s the power of imperfection. Allow yourself to be just as you are and speak kindly to yourself. Forgive yourself for every flaw and every imperfection because the alternative is self-hatred and lack of self-acceptance. I’m not sure I can answer the question, "how do we get there?". I know it’s a process, and that process is about looking inside being the best person you know how to be. Making amends when you’re wrong. Facing truth and speaking truth to the best of your ability, and allowing yourself to be less than perfect just for today. When you’re enough in your own eyes your perspective changes. When your perspective changes, everything seems to change. It’s hard to have that instant understanding or knowing they created you just as you are, and to learn all the lessons you’re meant to learn, but it is the truth! Be kind, be compassionate, be loving and forgiving to yourself, as well as others. Offer yourself the grace card that you tend to give the people around you when they make mistakes. You are deserving of this card also. Share grace with yourself and the world around you, I promise you, you’ll be more peaceful and self-accepting over time.  You are loved!



In the New Year, never forget to thank your past years because they enabled you to reach today!!  Without the stairs of the past, you cannot arrive at the future.    -Mehmet Murat Ildan

Living in the past is not the way to come to peace with today.  When we do this, it creates a mindset that doesn't allow us to be present in this space and time.  Although it is important to make peace with our past, it is just as important to move into our future. The future holds promise, and our past holds lessons.  The future is waiting for us to learn and grow from the lessons of our past.  We become more because of the past, albeit easy or painful, we become more if we choose to be more, no matter the lesson.  My future is brighter from experiences that I have learned from. Do I like to learn the difficult lessons? NO. I want lessons that are warm and fuzzy but we do not grow from those.  I'd have no motivation to make changes if it were soft and easy.  Staying in our safe-space promotes stagnancy, not growth.  I'm often told by clients that they are lost, and my first response is, "you are not lost, you are simply evolving".  Lessons are the catalyst for growth and evolution. Our present and future offers the opportunity to set new intentions.  Intentions are deciding what you would like your future to look like, and the action or thought behind it.  There are no limitations to future intentions.  Dream it and you can move towards it.  What is your intention for 2019, and what would you like your life to evolve into?  At first glance it may not look the way you think it should but, trust that Spirit is working to give you what you need to get you where you need to go.  Trust the process.  To trust the process, is not needing to know or understand what is unfolding.  Simply be here in the present to experience it,fully.  Many blessings for a soul-evolving 2019, filled with: intention, acceptance, trust, and truth.

Our Darkest Past is our greatest asset for our soul evolution 


The Holidays and Grief

This month there may be bittersweet feelings around you and in you.  Try to connect to the moments.  If you have lost someone, there is going to be memories that may tap into the pain.  Allow the pain, move into it and then release it so that you can be in the moments with your family and friends.  Try to remember, the greatest gift to give your loved ones is "you".  Remind yourself of the reality of the infinite spiritual realm and know that your love ones are with you in spirit.  As we ponder the past during the holidays, we bounce from sorrow to joy.  Memories flooding our consciousness even when we are not looking for it.  We can drift away in that and miss the memories being created today.  Remember to be understanding of the grieving person.  There are truths that they wish you knew.  1. It can be hard for the grieving person to remember why Christmas should be so happy and Merry.  Comfort them!  2. Tears are not a problem, they are a gift from God that helps to wash away the pain.  Allow them to cry!  3. Grief can be awkward.  Talk about the person who died, don't pretend they are not important or didn't exist.  Memories are healing!  4.  Being social can be hard.  To walk alone into a room full of couples when our spouse has died or into an event filled with children when your child has died, can be a soul crushing reminder of what was lost.  Allow them to leave if necessary or to take a break. Don't try to fix them!  Traditions are filled with love and joy and also painful memories of loss. Be sensitive to the fact that the person they love is not there with them!  Many wish they could hide in a quiet space and return on January 2nd.  Allow them their feelings!  Grief is a natural and necessary experience.  

 Our loved ones that are in spirit are all part of the memories of now.  The soul is in constant growth, even in the afterlife.  It is always evolving and becoming more.  Your soul is always connecting to that energy creating a constant flow of love.  They are never "just gone" they are flowing in your unconscious and conscious mind.  the journey didn't end when they moved into the next leg of theirs.  Your loved ones need you to accept their presence and to share your days with them. The holidays are upon us, try to be present and allow yourself to smile, feel joy if only for moment and grieve.  May the blessings of all who love you, fall upon you and cover you in peace and light.  May you find moments to reflect, moments to cry, and  moments to feel joy through-out the holidays.  You are loved.



Don't care how, I want it now! Willy Wonka

This seems to be the pervasive thought pattern of the world right now.  It doesn’t matter who is hurt or who is in the way, maybe you, instant gratification is a common reoccurrence.  The caretakers and empaths of the planet are getting a hard core lesson in how to let go.  The problem is, no one knows how to do this.  How do we let go of the need to have more to feel satiated?  Someone once told me the need to want more, is like a huge spirit size hole inside of us and the only solution is, spirit.  Yet, here we are pulling “things” into that hole and for a temporary space in time, it works.  I cannot argue with this explanation.  Outside things don’t work, but everyone is searching for that fix or that one thing that will make them feel whole.  These caretakers and empaths are running around trying to make it better for the ones they love, but when has this ever really worked?  I realized today that if they don’t want help, don’t expect it to work.  These strong feelings of hurt are that, if others can just change, they will be okay.  This is a dangerous place to be in, no one changes because we want them to.  If you are waiting for them to make it better, then I'll ask this to you, “how is that working for out?”.  The key is to change yourself and try to change your perspective of the situation.  Stop handing over your power to others.  Allowing a broken person to define you is like trying to drink out of a broken glass, just isn’t going to work. Finding your self-worth outside of taking care of others, may help.  First understand that a broken person sees things from a completely broken perspective.  An empath trying to get them to see another side of things is like pouring gas on a fire to a person who doesn’t want to heal, pure combustion.  Most want instant gratification and don’t want to deal with the healing process.  Let them be!  As empaths we need to learn to stop trying to fix others and focus on our own healing where we have some power, OVER OUR OWN LIVES.

“Instant Gratification Takes too long” Carrie Fisher    


Love will find a way through paths that wolves fear to prey. Lord Byron 

 Love yourself and be true to who you are.  Do not allow others to make you feel less than "the wonderful” that you are.  You cannot please everyone. Some people do not want to be pleased, they like to be unhappy with something or someone.  Allow them! You cannot change others opinion of you, but you can be sure that your opinion of “you” withstands all that's there to break you down.  I have learned that people do and say things that because of who they are not who you are.  What they say and do speaks of them, and what you say and do speaks of you.  Do not allow others to decide your worth, this will never serve you in your quest for the greater good.  I say, “It doesn’t matter what you feel, but it does matter what you do with what you feel”.  Our feelings do not need to dictate our actions, and in fact they shouldn’t.  Always know your worth, so that criticism from others does not decide your greatness. The real definition of criticism is, the practice of judging the merits and faults of others; when people criticism us, it is an affront to our souls.  Being kind in the face of this, can and will be hard.  I have learned to speak my truth in these circumstances but to always do it with kindness.  Through this, I learned to love myself even when someone didn’t love me in return.  A quote to remember, "Not everyone will love me but I will be okay anyway".  Make sure your motives are pure in any and all situations, and if the answer is yes, then move forward knowing that you are amazing and enough .  It is true that, "love will find a way through paths that wolves fear to prey". 

   Love is the answer!


UNREALISTIC expectations are premeditated resentments.

I find that when I have an expectation, it carries an instant preparation for disappointment.  I know it is the human condition to have expectations, but do not be upset if they're not met.  We cannot expect others to give us what WE are wanting just because WE think they should.  Lets take spirit for instance, when I give a reading to clients, they come in with the idea that I have control of messages their loved pass on.  They receive all the information that is given, but they have an expectation of the "one thing"  they need to hear. That message will inevitably be the ONLY thing that convinces them they are with their loved ones. Imagine how frustrating it can be for the passed loved one what you have requested from them. As Mediums, we can only give what we get and what we hear,  this can be hard for the client to understand.  Furthermore, lets say you are bringing a vase of flowers to someone you love, and they had an expectation that when you came to see them you would bring Daisies, instead you brought Sunflowers.  If the only thing that was going to make them happy were daisies, then picture the disappointment on their faces when their expectation wasn't met. The overwhelming feeling you have when trying to cheer someone up or show love with flowers and it simply was not good enough. Spirit uses a lot of energy in dropping their vibration to talk to us, and sometimes their message just isn't enough.  On the other hand, you'll want to make sure that your love one gives proper evidence, but please let go of the expectation that one memory from an entire lifetime of memories, will convince you it's them.  This will stop you from enjoying the session or receiving the full message.  In all areas of our life, know that it's okay to have an expectation but not okay to "expect" it to be met. Living on life's terms can be hard but we have no control over how things play out.  We cannot control the outcome but we can control how we perceive it.

Unrealistic expectations of people, places, things, and situations will create a belief that the outcome is in your control!


Detaching with love

Sometimes on our journey we have to detach from people, with love.  Detaching can be very painful. It feels as if we are letting them down when we stop doing things to try to change or control another's destructive behavior.  To detach means: Unfasten, disconnect disengage, separate, remove, unhitch, unhook or free.  What all of these words really mean is, stopping the cycle of what I call "my crazy" . Our cycle that says, "If I just explain it the right way they will get it, or if I do for someone else what they should and could do for themselves, it/they will be ok".  Today I know that if someone wants fixing, they must do it for themselves.  I have NEVER been able to fix another person.   If I were able to fix them, everyone would be fixed.  Others must decide who they want to be, and even our best efforts cannot sway that. For instance with addiction, we can keep cleaning up an addicts mess for them, but they will continue to use and create a mess. Until they are really ready for change, we can only change ourselves   Detaching is the only solution to prevent ourselves from going crazy.  This doesn't mean we give up on that person, we let go and allow them to face their choices.  It will be difficult to do to someone you love, and it will hurt. When I tried fixing someone it was because their pain or behavior made ME uncomfortable. I wanted it to change because I thought I knew best, but they seem to always revert back. That person must decide to change, because no matter how hard I try, they make their own choices.  I realize today that my discomfort with someone else's journey is not an indication that I need to change them or fix them.  This is not healthy for them or me.  Perhaps they like what they are doing? Maybe they are comfortable with all their discomfort, even if I am not?  When someone really wants help they will ask, or reach out. If they are doing something different without me doing it for them, they then have the dignity to find their solutions.  Detach and allow people to learn their own lessons...even when we are in fear. Allow them the dignity of their own choices and/or mistakes.


(D)on't (E)ven (T)hink (A)bout (C)hanging (H)im (or Her)

JULY 2018 

All you have to do is the next right thing…


Sometimes life feels so overwhelming that we forget the power we carry within us.  There are times we move through this world with blinders on and wonder why we didn’t see.  Life is full of challenges that at times we just don’t understand.  When life lacks clarity, look within.  You have all you need inside of you to rise to any situation with empowerment and calm.  When things seem confusing, pause and do the next right thing”.  That is all that is required in this moment and any moment after this.  The next right thing doesn’t always seem clear yet if we just trust our inner voice, it takes us to a place of personal understanding of what that needs to look like.  Maybe it is to take a deep breath , maybe it is to voice your truth to someone or maybe it is just going to a place of personal acceptance.  Whatever you choose to do, stay in this time and this space.  Doing the next right thing takes you to a space of personal empowerment over the situation at hand.  Many times anxiety and fear follow when we project into a future that isn’t yet here.  Try to stay here in this moment and the day at hand.  When you are focusing on the future instead of this day, you miss out on all  that is occurring in the here and now. 



JUNE 2018

You Are Enough

You are enough, you are more than enough, you don't realize just how ENOUGH you truly are!  Our journey is so difficult that at times we lose sight of our own personal empowerment.  As we walk through this life we seem to somehow forget our value.  We forget just how wonderful we are.  We begin to see our flaws instead of our assets and we tend to increase our resistance to self love.  As we are living life, and as we go through many experiences, the only thing that has changed is our perspective of ourselves.  It isn't easy to keep a positive, healthy perspective in a world where other peoples opinion of us seems to be more important and correct than our own opinion of ourselves.  Learning to value who we are, just as we are, seems to allude most people.  It is so important to keep a healthy perspective of ourselves so that we can see the true picture of our "wonderfulness".  Not the picture we tell ourselves or others tell us..but the "true picture"  The picture that says, we are precious, we are worthy and we have everything we need inside of us to be all that we desire.  Why not learn to love yourself and speak gently to yourself?  Why not be enough and be proud of all your beautiful uniqueness?  Why not be kind and tolerant with yourself when you make mistakes or even in those times when you have done or said  things that you wish you would not have done or said.  Loving ourselves is an inside job and no matter how you try to fill it from the outside in, it will only be an uphill battle.  True self love comes from the inside out.  Heal the inside and the outside will follow.  Try to say kind things to yourself for one whole day and really see just how self critical you actual are.  Make the change in yourself that you wish to see in the people you love.  Be ENOUGH just for today!  You really are worth it!


MAY 2018

Are you personalizing things that others do?  

People do what they do because of who they are, not who you are.  Another's behavior speaks volumes about them, and your behavior speaks volumes about who you are.  It would serve us all to take time, pause before you speak or react to any situation that upsets or hurts you.  Our choices when dealing with another soul whether it is: kind, thoughtful, mean, or angry, tells our soul who WE ARE.  Today in my life, being the best person I know how to be is so important.  I know I fail at times because of my own pain and hurt, as will you but we can do things different at any moment.  WE can have the choice and integrity to "fix" what we break or, heal what is broken.  It can take tremendous foresight and self discovery to see our role in situations that baffle us.  Our part can be to listen or agree to something that we know we feel differently about.  Other times our part is reacting to feelings we have about a situation, instead of taking time to breathe and reevaluate.  We are emotional beings. We react in ways that can make us forget we are souls with a journey.  A journey to be more, to be better than we are, and to love others even when they are sick and broken.  Be the best YOU today, and what transpires when you do is a sense of self-love.  I am fully aware when I react to things that harm me, I have already lost my serenity.  Our feelings are no ones but ours to own and accept.  This concept is so easy to say and so hard to implement into our reactions and actions towards others.  Remember everything YOU do is part of YOUR souls journey.  Learning from our mistakes and doing it better next time is the goal.  We need to value ourselves enough to not own another's "crazy". Doing this has components that are simple but not so easy.  

  1. Not owning another's persons feelings
  2. Staying inside our own space
  3. NOT taking on the belief that they said it, so it makes it true
  4. Not personalizing someone else's pain and anger, or behavior and choices
  5. Knowing who you are in relation to that person and behaving accordingly
  6. Self-love
  7. knowing what's theirs is theirs and what's mine is mine
  8. Lastly, don't react, don't react, don't react

APRIL 2018


Be the source of peace that you are looking for.  Pema Chodron says: "Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions" .  We give our power of choice away when we allow others to control our emotions.  We react instead of taking positive action and once we react, we are no longer in control of our actions.  Peace is an action, not a state of mind.  It creates a peaceful state of mind but in and of itself, it is an action.  The action is choosing not to act on something, or react to something.  Sometimes the action is to be silent, while others are behaving in a way that feels ugly or unkind.  Perhaps, it is the way that we continually look for others to accept us instead of learning to accept ourselves.  As you grow in peace, you begin to understand that you are the only one that gets to decide who you want to be today!  You are the only one that gets to decide who you are, PERIOD!  When we allow others to tell us who we are, we are allowing them to decide our value.  Guard yourself from getting caught up in another's thoughts and emotions.  It isn't easy to do, but it is doable.  Work more at being a clearer channel for yourself.  Know that what you feel, think, say, and do is yours to own and if you don't like it, it's your's to change.  This empowers you to be in control of who YOU want to be today!  It will always be~ two steps forward and one step backward, but you are moving forward nonetheless.  You are enough, if you say you are enough!  It is wonderful to be liked and loved, we all need it. Search out the right people who can accept and love you for who you are, warts and all!  Also, be open to hearing what others see for insight, but not to be the decision factor about who you are as a person.  Remembering that all of us come from our own levels of brokenness.  Learn to trust your inner voice.  If you can do this, you will find a safety, a peace of mind that may have eluded you for so long.  Knowing who we are is the first step to inner peace.  Get to know yourself so that people, places, and situations don't control your emotions.  Through this, you can find the good from within and build on it!  You are worth it!


MARCH 2018


Grace.  I try to always carry a grace card in my pocket for others who are broken or grieving.  Sometimes when we grieve we are inconsolable and in constant turmoil so it is hard to react to people in a way that is healthy.  We tend to want to personalize the events that occur between ourselves and others.  We feel let down, treated in a manner that says we don't matter.  Grief and pain is so powerful that it can decide all of  our feelings and reactions in any given moment.  It tells us that we are not enough, we are not loved and we are alone.  when in grief, refer to GRACE.  The grace of spirit is the most beautiful and powerful thing we will ever encounter, but it is also the most difficult concept for us to wrap our minds around. Grace pushes back against our understanding of what is fair and what people deserve. But the message of grace is one that the entire world needs to hear. Grace is love that seeks you out when you have nothing to give in return. Grace is love coming at you that has nothing to do with you. Grace is being loved when you are unlovable…. The cliché definition of grace is “unconditional love.” It is a true cliché, for it is a good description of the meaning..

Let’s go a little further, though. Grace is a love that has nothing to do with you, the one offering it. It has everything to do with the one who is receiving it. Grace is irrational in the sense that it has nothing to do with weights and measures. It has nothing to do with my intrinsic qualities or so-called “gifts”.  It reflects a decision on the part of the giver, the one who loves, in relation to the receiver, the one who is loved, that negates any qualifications the receiver may personally hold…. Grace is one-way love . Remember, give a grace card to those who are grieving,  As grief sometimes dictates feelings and actions that make no sense to another observing it.  Grief is an undefined loss that no one understands but the person feeling it.  Carry a grace card in your pocket for those that are not healthy in mind, body or spirit, those who are lost or grieving…How you respond to others brokenness speaks volumes about you and very little about them.

Let’s go a little further, though. Grace is a love that has nothing to do with you, the one offering it. It has everything to do with the one who is receiving it. Grace is irrational in the sense that it has nothing to do with weights and measures. It has nothing to do with my intrinsic qualities or so-called “gifts”.  It reflects a decision on the part of the giver, the one who loves, in relation to the receiver, the one who is loved, that negates any qualifications the receiver may personally hold…. Grace is one-way love . Remember, give a grace card to those who are grieving,  As grief sometimes dictates feelings and actions that make no sense to another observing it.  Grief is an undefined loss that no one understands but the person feeling it.  Carry a grace card in your pocket for those that are not healthy in mind, body or spirit, those who are lost or grieving…How you respond to others brokenness speaks volumes about you and very little about them.

                                                                CARRY A GRACE CARD!